Lymphedema Glossary

The South Florida Lymphedema Support Network is made possible by the South Florida Cancer Association

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The South Florida Cancer Association (SFLCA) sponsors, "A Movement, Breath and Self-care Group for People with Lymphedema", a Lymphedema Support Group that provides information and support to those suffering from Lymphedema and is recommended for patients who have gone undergone radiotherapy and or lymph node disection. Participants learn what they can do to minimize the effects of Lymphedema while meeting others with this concern.  The support group meets the last Wednesday of every month.  For more information or to arrange to attend, please Click Here.

In an effort to insure that the information provided on this web site is up-to-date and accurate, we contact organizations involved in providing Lymphedema information and support and we scour the Internet seeking the latest information and news that we judge will be of benefit to our readers.

Information provided by the South Florida Lymphedema Network is solely for educational purposes and does not replace the advice or guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. If you have a problem or issue, we urge you to contact your doctor and discuss the matter with them.

The South Florida Lymphedema Support Network is sponsored by the South Florida Cancer Association (SFLCA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides cancer-related information, assistance, and support to the underserved communities of South Florida.  Our goal in providing this web site is to educate, promote awareness of, and, provide support for lymphedema patients, their family, caregivers and support group, the medical community, the general public, and lymphedema support groups.

NOTE: This site will undergo continuous revisions and updates in order to bring you the latest and best information available.

The Association of Cancer Online Resources provides The Lymphedema Online Support Group

The Association of Cancer Online Resources offers The Lymphedema Online Support Group, a discussion list for those dealing with lymphedema and the people who care for them. Topics cover patient experiences, psychosocial issues, helpful treatments and discussions of current treatment practices. For those who would like to participate in this highly informational discussion group, Click Here.

This bill, sponsored by Congressman Larry Kissell of North Carolina, would offer coverage for Medicare beneficiaries with lymphedema from any cause. Although this legislation relates specifically to a change in Medicare law, it would almost certainly result in all private insurance policies following suit. Please see the below for more information, or, to go to, Click Here.

The Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Cost Saving Act of 2011, HR 2499, has been reintroduced!

Lymphedema Resources, Inc. is a wonderful resource for lymphedema patients in South Florida
Lymphedema Resources, Inc.
Lymphedema Resources, Inc., (LRI) is one of South Florida's best resources for information and assistance for lymphedema patients, and those that support them.
Available South Florida Lymphedema Resources
LRI has served the communities of Southwest Florida since January of 2005.  They are a community-based, volunteer-driven 501 (c)(3) Federal tax exempt organization with the mission of raising awareness about the potential for development of lymphedema, to assure the availability of resources for treatment, and to eliminate barriers for those that suffer from lymphedema.

Whether you are a Patient, at Risk from Lymphedema, a Healthcare Professional, or, an Advocate or Supporter, LRI has something for you. For more information about LRI, visit their web site by Clicking Here.
The Lymphedema Foundation of South Florida, (LFSF) has operated in Miami for over 4 years. The organization is a therapy facility specializing in the care and treatment of Lymphedema through trained, certified therapists. They provide underprivileged, uninsured or underinsured individuals with hands-on, proven treatments, utilizing compression bandages, and custom fitted garments, to physically reduce and control the impactful signs and symptoms of lymphedema. They empower patients by educating them on the do’s and don’ts of Lymphedema care and promote self awareness to avoid further medical complications.

For more information about LFSF, visit their web site by Clicking Here.
Jean Yzer, PT-CLT-LANA, is the director of The South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center (TSFBCRC). Jean has 21 years as a physical therapist with a far more optimistic point of view regarding lymphedema than many in the oncology community. Many of Jean's patients have personal experience in what participation is an individually tailored exercise program can do to allow them to get back to enjoying the activities that enable them to enjoy life.

For more information about what services are offered by TSFBCRC, call (954) 438-5655, or Click Here to go to the web site.

The Lymphedema Community
A place where lymphedema patients, therapists, physicians, industry professionals, and family/friends can connect and share experiences, knowledge, and support.  Click Here for more information.
The National Lymphedema Network
The South Florida Cancer Association

The National Lymphedema Network (NLN) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization founded in 1988 to provide education and guidance to lymphedema patients, health care professionals and the general public by disseminating information on management of primary/secondary lymphedema and related disorders, and education in risk reduction practices for all individuals at risk for or affected by lymphedema.

The NLN is supported by tax-deductible donations and is a driving force behind the movement in the U.S. to standardize quality treatment for lymphedema patients nationwide. In addition, the NLN supports research into the causes and possible alternative treatments for this often incapacitating, long-neglected condition.

A truly wonderful resource for those suffering from Lymphedema and those that provide them support. For more information, please Click Here.